Circuit simulator with data viewer

  • Power supply (top element in the Meters section)
    Click on the power supply icon, to turn the power on or off. The color of the "light" in the power supply icon shows the state of the power supply (blue: off, orange: on and red: short circuit
    Shift the slider to increase/decrease the voltage.
  • Sensors
    The little round things on the meters are the sensors. You can drag them to the circuit board.
  • Removing things
    You can remove things from the circuit by dragging them outside the circuit area.
  • Editing resistor values
    Select the resistor and click on it.
  • Switches
    Select the switch and click on it.
  • Light bulbs
    The light bulbs do not work in IE9 or earlier.
  • You can drag meters and resistors to the data collector.
  • Drag data columns from the "Data collector" container to the X or Y axis in the "Data graph" container, to show the data.